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This is the portal page for all sites and services on the Network.

Some sites or services are unknowable, but we’re glad they exist anyway. CalRef believes in free, open-source software that members can reliably use without worrying about invasive ads or having their information auctioned off. If you find anything outdated or missing from this page, please locate a simplebot who can pass on a message to a very unaware administrator.

Unified Mail Portal for Network-issued email addresses.

The original MediaWiki, containing information on all of the old RP people, places, and events. Editing is locked.
Network Sites These sites are hosted on the CalRef Network. They are created and owned by our members, but are not directly managed by Calamity Refuge.

Delta Flyer is a Star Trek Voyager podcast, where a new episode is discussed weekly. Managed by Tyranicus.

A podcast where every episode of the Stargate franchise is discussed from the beginning. Managed by Tyranicus.

A SW-centred utility site for BoA scenarios, soundfiles, and graphics replacements. Managed by Tyranicus.
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Avadon’s in-game maps. Cleaned up and annotated to show things like secret doors, treasure, quest objects and so on. Managed by Jarakeen.
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Calamity Refuge, an online island in the sea of the internet. A community that does its best to do its best.

The original community forum from 2008. It is only viewable by the members of CalRef’s last incarnation, for privacy.
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The wiki for all things CalRef. Come write about your RP characters, and the empires in which they live.

Coming in 2020!

A data-visualisation site on the interesting goings on in the world. Managed by Wisdom.

Refugia on NationStates

For politics, dumb things, and using browser based simulations of dumb things to model politics, join Refugia!

To play on the Minecraft server, download the technic launcher and install the modpack “Refugia”
- Conceptual
- In Development
- Operational
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On-site file uploading system for all members to use in their various online needs.
Operational Operational Alpha

Instead of testing in production, we use this development subdomain for CalRef’s SMF implementation. Neat-o!
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